Cléone, virtuoso of cut and movement

Cléone was 23 years old when she created her very first collection. She decided to style her beloved work overalls, the ones that her father – a woodworker and sculptor – used to wear.

Cléone offered a range of the classic work jacket with raglan sleeves in cashmere, wool felt and linen muslin. She imagined six pieces, which an article in a well-known French TV guide was enough to bring to fame. The idea was so appealing that every day, dozens of packages would leave the Parisian workshop on François 1er street.

Almost forty years and a few thousands of pieces later, Cléone hasn’t lost her artistic youth. A word, a picture… and her fingers give birth to yet another collection. Today, Degas and his hazy tulles inspire her a wedding line. Yesterday, the opera and Venice printed the designer’s silhouettes. The world of Hollywood, fashion from the 1930s, the pieces from great classical or modern painters – Cléone lets them all in to fuel her inspiration.

One aim, always: to reveal the grace and beauty of a woman. Cléone has this gift to be able to dress every woman in a singular way because each and every one of them is unique. For Cléone, the woman is one with the dress. It’s not simply about style – Cléone is a peerless technician. She draws her dresses with one stroke but she knows what fabric to pick, how to create a pattern and how to manage a production.

This former student of the Gogel School in Paris and of the Louvre School is above all Madeleine Vionnet’s student.
It’s to this great fashion designer that Cléone owes her signature bias-cut. There lies the secret of the comfort of her pieces. Her clothing hugs the figure and the body’s movement. Wearing Cléone, the woman is feminine and free. Better yet, Cléone knows how to reveal the woman to herself.

Text: Anne Herriot. Translation: Léa Prats