Welcome to the Cléone Institute.

Cléone has created this Institute to train you to become a “Great Fashion Designer”.

The passion to pass on

Fashion is a passion; it’s my whole life.

I was 23 years old when I started my fashion house, after I had the amazing opportunity of being trained to Madeleine Vionnet’s technique.

Today, after a life spent creating, I want to pass on my expertise.

So if you’re attracted to the world of creation and fashion design, and if your ambition is to become a “Great Fashion Designer”, come share my passion and join us at the Cléone Institute.

The keys to the course

The training course is made of 12 units and takes place over a two-year period.
Lessons are available on an online training platform. They complete the video units of Cléone’s courses.
Every week, Cléone will be teaching through live streaming and students will be able to ask questions at the end of the lesson.
Throughout the training, students will be asked for thorough personal work. They will have to create pieces that will be graded by the teaching staff.

Every unit must be validated in order to move on to the next one.

The 12 units

The Drawing

The stroke

The suppleness of the wrist.
Learning how to draw.

Drawing a figurine

A figurine represents the female body.

Respecting proportions.
Drawing with a single stroke…

Costumes History

From the Ancient Egyptian times until today

Knowing our history.
Learning every detail of the different eras: styles, fabrics, techniques.
Understanding art and evolutions in esthetics, “decoration, architecture, furniture, fabrics”…

Automatic drawing

Sheer creation.

Finding your own inspiration.

Visiting museums, exhibitions

Seeing and experiencing art…

Seeing beauty.
Beauty is a part of your everyday life.

Sculpting a body

Sculpting a body according to the theme “18th century bustier”.

Hugging the curves of the woman’s body.

Bias binding and grainline

Chic and elegance.

Your collection

Choosing a theme like a beautiful story…

Your imagination’s dream.


Enhancing your collection

Long necklaces
Belts, corsets
Cocktail bags


The hat!

Dressing the head.

The new technologies in textile.

The fabrics.

The new technologies in clothing.


Managing your margins.